Science is the study of the physical world and society, and humanity has always been inextricably tied to the dictates of science. From the discovery of fire that freed us to roam the world to the current understanding of the laws of physics and chemistry that regulate our universe and our bodies: from the development of the technologies behind medicine, communications, exploration, and warfare to the eventual reformation of our world and ourselves, mankind and science have and will exist together as the best of friends and most bitter adversaries.

As the age of science has become a steady framework for humanity's development, there needs to be an outlet dedicated to artists as they engage in the growing dialogue between science and society. DecadesOut exists to meet that need.

The mission of DecadesOut is to raise public awareness of the cultural impact between science and humanity and transform the discourse between them through an artistic platform; to explore related issues that speak to our existence in this world; and to help artist’s share perceptions of our life on earth that may have been otherwise hidden.

To accomplish this, DecadesOut will develop and produce works of fiction and non-fiction of the highest artistic standards in the disciplines of theatre, film, video, literature, and the visual arts. International in scope, we work with artists from diverse backgrounds to most fully appreciate global viewpoints. Further, each of our programs in film, performance and visual arts builds on the strength and experience of our dedicated staff, as well as the professional relationships we have established throughout our careers.

The work of DecadesOut looks toward the future and through history to not only find where the power of science acts in accord with the spirit of humankind, but also where lessons can be learned to avoid the great potential for harm that science possesses when its power is uncontrollable or misused. It also examines the role that scientists, engineers, explorers and educators have and will play as the human ambassadors to science in the understanding of this fundamental relationship.