Burning to Communicate: Part 1

April 19, 2014

‘Independent’ or ‘off-off Broadway’— Honestly, I like both. One is steeped in history and has attached to it that 1950’s Greenwich Village/East Village visual, the advent of a new American theatre which helped foment revolutions and create a place for the poetic and courageous voices who showed us that we could too.

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Burning to Communicate: Part 2

April 21, 2014

In 2009, my co-producer and wife, Jennifer Larkin Kuzler, an independent theatre artist herself, and some close friends started DecadesOut (www.decadesout.org) whose mission is to contribute to the growing dialogue between art and science.

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Scott Stringer — Burning to Communicate

Scott Stringer was born on April 29, 1960 in New York and grew up in Washington Heights. Currently, Scott is the 26th Manhattan Borough President and exceptionally dedicated to public service.

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Judith Malina — Burning to Communicate

Judith Malina was born on June 4th, 1926 in Germany. She is an actress, director, and writer. In 1947 she opened the Living Theater in New York City with husband Julien Beck.

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Edward Albee — Burning to Communicate

Edward Albee was born in Washington, DC on March 12, 1928. When he was two weeks old, Edward was adopted by millionaire couple Reed and Frances Albee and was raised in Westchester, New York.

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