Scott Stringer was born on April 29, 1960 in New York and grew up in Washington Heights. Currently, Scott is the 26th Manhattan Borough President and exceptionally dedicated to public service.

His profession in public service began early in high school when he was the youngest person to ever serve on a community board (a district-based citizen advisory council appointed by the Borough President).

Stringer was elected Borough President in 2006 after serving 13 years in the New York State Assembly. He is committed to improving the standard of living for New York residents, as he has introduced several ground-breaking policy reports that cover topics such as: increasing parental involvement in public schools, nursing home emergency preparations, transportation, paid leave for employees, overpopulation of schools, wasteful tax breaks for fast food restaurant and gas stations, an asthma center in East Harlem, a Go Green initiative, and not to mention his goal to make New York living more affordable.

“One of the reasons why you decide to stay in New York is because you want to be part of the cultural excitement of the city. And Off-Off Broadway is very much a part of the package when you decide to live here. We’re a city that’s long been the magnet city, so people from all over the world come here. And they come here for our arts, for that part of their lives. And we have an obligation as a city government to figure out creative ways to help expand that Off-Off Broadway economy.”

Stringer goes on to mention the opportunities that arise with Off-Off Broadway productions. “As with Bernadette Peters and others who have started on an Off-Off Broadway stage, today there are so many big stars who we discover in a basement somewhere with a production that was a bunch of friends who said ‘we could do this’.” He continues and encourages people to “live where the creative people are. That’s what makes this industry so vital to New York. You build a community around a school, you build a community around small businesses, you build a community around the artists and that’s what gives New York its special sauce, its flavor. It’s the way we just marvel at all the productions that are going on in all the locations we don’t know about. And when you discover it, whether you’re a New Yorker or someone from another country, it’s what makes us different.”