Congratulations to Gideon Productions for taking home the award for Outstanding Premiere Production of a Play for Advance Man: Part I of the Honeycomb Trilogy by Mac Rogers at the 2012 New York Innovative Theatre Awards held Monday, September 24th in New York City.

We recently had the pleasure to speak with writer Mac Rogers along with Sean and Jordana Williams of Gideon Productions to discuss their experience in New York’s Off-Off Broadway "Indie" theatre world for our ongoing documentary Burning to Communicate.

Gideon Productions started in 2000 and have since “crafted gripping plays that explore human grace and darkness, through the kaleidoscope of popular genre forms and other cultural touchstones.” Sean explains, “It’s like we are really fighting for the heart of New York, and I think New York – the infrastructure of New York – owes us, even just a tiny amount of fiscal respect. This is because we are really the torch bearers for New York culture, and I believe that honestly.”

This last year Gideon Productions joined with Boomerang Theatre Company and Flux Theater Ensemble to form the BFG Collective. The BFG Collective collaborated to form a six-month residency at The Secret Theater in Long Island City. "Without such collaboration", Sean explains, "producing this trilogy would not have been possible." Advance Man ran in January, and Parts II (Blast Radius) and III (Sovereign) ran in March and June. The trilogy tells the before, during, and after of an alien occupation on Earth. Each show was directed by Gideon's resident director, Jordana Williams.

“This life has chosen us. The indie theater world chose us and the minute that we started embracing them, the embrace back was so all encompassing that we just became right up to our chins in it.”