October, 2, 2013

Celebrate the start of the new arts season at this open-bar kickoff party featuring a very special half-hour performance at 9:30 pm by Caelum Music Production’s amazing singer Cáthia, the “little girl with the big voice” who sang her way to prominence on season four of NBC’s “The Voice”.  Performing at 8:30 pm will be Caelum’s singer/songwriter Elizabeth Sullivan, whose vocal stylings have been compared to Sara McLaughlin, Joni Mitchell, and Eva Cassidy.

Event:                    DecadesOut 2013-14 Systems Festival kickoff Halloween party
(costumes very welcome but optional)
When:                    Saturday, October 26, 2013, 7:00-11:00 pm
Where:                   Art Directors Club Gallery, 106 West 29th St. bet. 6th/7th Ave, NYC
Entertainment: Singers Cáthia and Elizabeth Sullivan, DJ, and videos
Artists:                   BioArtist Joana Ricou, shadow/video artists Cave Dogs and painter Whitney Hamilton
Admission:           $35 online admission (includes open bar)
                                 $45 at the door (includes open bar)
Sponsors:             Caelum Music Production, Flowers in a Jar, Art Directors Club

To Order Tickets: (http://decadesout.eventbrite.com/) and also available at the door

The party serves to raise awareness for DecadesOut and its mission to develop and produce works of fiction and nonfiction in film, theatre, visual arts and multimedia that transform the discourse between science and society through an artistic platform.  Events for the 2013-14 season, under the banner the Systems Festival, will include the Third Annual Science of Horror Film Festival, the Launch Pad Theatre Development Series, and the Documentary Film Lab. Events will also present work from filmmakers, visual artists, technologists, mainstream chefs and musical entertainers with panel discussions, exhibitions and live performance.  Numerous events highlighting the interactions between scientists and artists are being planned, including those with an educational focus in coordination with NY local schools.

The October 26th Kickoff Party also marks the opening of the call for entries for both the Science of Horror Film Festival and the Launch Pad Theatre Development Series.

In honor of the Science of Horror Film Festival, the fundraiser is also an optional Halloween Party where guests are welcome to dress the part.

About DecadesOut:
DecadesOut (www.decadesout.org), a nonprofit organization founded in 2009, takes its name from the inspiring words of President John F. Kennedy, who in 1961 said “I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal before this decade is out of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to earth.”  The organization creates and promotes works that raise public awareness of the impact and social relevancy that science has on the arts, culture and human expression.  The group develops and produces works of fiction and nonfiction in film, theatre, visual arts and multimedia that look to transform the discourse between science and society through an artistic platform, and helps artists inspired by science to share their perceptions and explore socially relevant issues that speak to our existence.

Additional information:

Cáthia (www.cathiaoffical.com)
She has been called “The little girl with a big voice.”  While this is true, she is so much more. Mesmerizing, motivated and possessed of an undeniable star power, Cáthia is a young woman positively at the forefront of her artistry and her destiny. Thanks to her prominence on season four of the hit television series The Voice, Cáthia is already well known to millions of viewers. Now, with her debut CD, she is building on this momentum as she confirms the praise earned from her industry coaches Shakira and Usher.

A formidable singer and songwriter, Cáthia likes to create inspirational and fun music. The lead single “Without You,” (available on iTunes and on YouTube) projects the vibrant personality and a soaring multi-octave range that defines Cáthia’s artistry. The track features an irresistible modern pop sensibility, subtle touches of Caribbean rhythms and Spanish guitar, with Cáthia’s signature vocals front and center. While her aspirations are ambitious, it is Cáthia’s pure connection of sound to soul that defines her as an artist. “If my music inspires others to go out and accomplish their dreams, there is nothing better to ask for: To have others see that if you really set your mind to something and work hard at it, it can happen.”

Elizabeth Sullivan (www.elizabethsullivan.us)
“Inspired and Inspiring” is the way one fan described Elizabeth Sullivan’s vocal and songwriting talent, amazing might be an even better description.  She sings from her heart, and tugs at heart strings with every note and nuance of her clear, angelic and awesome sounding voice.  She is a talented singer, guitarist and pianist who sings her many soulful songs with confidence, compassion and composure, and when she reaches the crescendo of her lyrics, you can feel your heart skip a beat.  Her vocal stylings have been compared to Sara McLaughlin, Joni Mitchell, and Eva Cassidy.  Her voice is absolutely compelling and her memorable melodic musings speak to your soul.  Elizabeth and her band are currently performing in the New York City area, and working on completing an album.

Cave Dogs (www.cavedogs.org)
Cave Dogs performances document preserve and celebrate important cultural voices and stories. Cave Dogs has created a method of storytelling by combining shadow performance and multimedia technology. Our medium evolves out of the ancient traditions of shadow puppet theatre and storytelling combined with the contemporary art forms of film, video, computer-generated animation and performance art.

Cave Dogs brings together visual artists, musicians, puppeteers, dancers, storytellers and writers in the spirit of experimental interdisciplinary collaboration. Our performances consist of innovative, large-scale shadow projections cast onto a screen from props, puppets and the human body. Working with a variety of artistic mediums, Cave Dogs creates multiple, richly layered visual tableaus, and produce effects that conjure both the dreamlike quality of early experimental film and the humor of contemporary animation.

Sponsors for the DecadesOut 2013-14 season kickoff party:

Caelum Music Production (www.caelumproduction.com)
Caelum Music Production thinks every artist, band and project should be given the highest level of respect, time and quality that it takes to get your project completed with outstanding results.  We go above and beyond other music production companies and recording studios for all our clients whether you are an experienced professional or just starting out, we give you our full attention and experience.  From a feature film soundtrack to an acoustic single, we get every job done with laser point accuracy. We enjoy a flawless record of helping forge new musical careers for many artists.  This is simply because we love music and take great pride in every single project we work on.  We feel honored to be able to work with hundreds of clients and companies, many of whom are now some of our great friends.  The creative connection that we forge with each of our clients is our top priority

Art Directors Club (www.adcglobal.org)
The ADC Global Awards & Club is the premier organization for integrated media and the first international creative collective of its kind.  Founded in New York in 1920, the ADC is a self-funded, not-for-profit global membership organization serving as a hub for a broad range of creatives including creative directors, art directors, graphic designers, digital designers, environmental designers, copywriters, illustrators, photographers and others.  The club’s mission is to connect creative communications professionals around the globe, and to provoke and elevate world-changing ideas. 

Flowers in a Jar (www.flowersinajar.com)
Flowers in a Jar believes the most beautiful gems are not made of stone, but of flowers.  Our goal is to impact our clients imagination with our living floral sculptures.  Your first Flowers in a Jar will revolutionize the way you see flowers and floral design. Our floral sculptures are built inside of hand blown antique apothecary jars, designed and detailed with our customers event and celebration in mind. After we receive your order our team of floral artists get to work.  One of our elegant apothecary jars is selected, the freshest flowers that best translate your requests are chosen and the fanciful glass jar is transformed into a living piece of floral art.  The final touch of magic is added to your piece, when your jar is finished with a gem pendant strung from one of our collections of fine satin or chiffon ribbon.  We are excited to transform your home, event, office or day with your own unique Flowers in a Jar.