What is it?

The Awareness Project is an online initiative intended to raise...awareness...of one of New York City's most enagaging cultural attractions, Off-Off Broadway, also know as Indie Theatre. We are thrilled to include the Awareness Project as part of our documentary Burning to Communicate.. The documentary traces the the development of the revolutionary Off-Off Broadway scene in NYC. We are exploring the creative question through archival footage and firsthand interviews with those there at the beginning and who currently create independent theater.

What is Off-Off Broadway?

We weren't very surprised that not many people could define Off-Off Broadway. It is a dynamic cultural experience that is always changing. What surprised us was that even many native New Yorkers don't take more advantage of this exciting form of entertainment.

Each year there are nearly 1,000 shows mounted in the New York City area alone. This includes musicals, straight plays, solo performances, and performance art.

What's Up Next?

In addition to posting videos, we'll be adding resources, pictures and exclusive excerpts from our interviews, so check back often.