In 2018, we'll be starting a look into the mind and depression, working again with our partners at NACL and neurologist Allison Waters. Stay tuned...

We are thrilled to start work on the long awaited SPARK Project with the help of our supporters at the NY Hall of Science/CUSP. The SPARK Project has always been at the core of DecadesOut's mission as it aims to facilitate and share creative communication directly between scientists and artists.


Artists and scientists will be paired based on common interests and their exchange will be shared through the SPARK Project web site and at the DecadesOut Systems Festival Exhibition. Each phase of the pairing will be tracked and reported so everyone can follow the progress of the projects and the conversations.

Phase One: Artist & Scientist Profiles
  • Background information on each individual will be spotlighted, providing links and further information on their career and work.
  • The conversation will be contextualized by images of existing related work or sketches from both parties.
Phase Two: The Dialogue
  • Talking: the pair will engage in a conversation/interview, sharing their interest in and knowledge of the topic at hand, their questions and motivation.
  • The conversation will be shared via the web site, and developing progress will be tracked and shared through images, video, and audience participation.
Phase Three: Experimentation & Creation
  • Working: the artist and scientist will produce new work(s) inspired by the conversation. Each will discuss the inspiration derived from the collaboration.
  • The work in progress and ongoing conversation will be documented through 3-5 updates done throughout the year on the website.
  • Sharing: the project will be shown at our event in NYC.
  • At the event, we will have a Q&A panel where available participants can discuss the process and results of the project.

The SPARK Project invites artists and scienetists who are interested in exploring the intersection of art and science to apply for its 2016 pilot season.

This initiative will pair artists and scientists with similar interests to facilitate and share the creative conversation that can happen at the intersection of their fields. The program will include an online component to showcase the participants’ work and dialog and will culminate in an presentation at the end of the year in New York City.

All artists that sign up will be eligible to be included in the roster on the web site, serving as a showcase of science artists.

All media and all areas of science are encouraged.

All those interested, please inquire This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..