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Dramatists Guild Fund backs Launch Pad Series

January 5, 2015

The Dramatists Guild awards supports the Launch Pad Development Series via its 2014-2015 Theater Grant. 


DecadesOut, has been named a grant recipient for the 2014-2015 Dramatists Guild Theater Grant for its Launch Pad Development Series of New Theatre program.

The Dramatists Guild Fund is the public charity arm of the Dramatists Guild of America. Its mission is to aid and nurture writers for the theater; to fund non-profit theaters producing contemporary American works; and to heighten awareness, appreciation, and support of theater across the country. Based in New York, the Dramatists Guild of America has a long history of service to playwrights, lyricists, librettists and composers for the theater. Since its inception, the Dramatists Guild membership has included a broad cross-section of writers for the American stage, including legendary talents whose names are synonymous with Broadway, Off-Broadway and American Theater.

And each year the Dramatists Guild Fund provides grants to nonprofit theaters and theatrical institutions across the country that develop and/or produce contemporary American plays and musicals in support of the American writer.

DecadesOut was a natural fit, with its Launch Pad Series. The Launch Pad Development Series of New Theatre was started in 2009 as part of DecadesOut's core mission. Through it, they have introduced many short and full-length plays. The mission of the Series is to give theatre artists (including writers and directors) a place to explore a piece's themes, ideas, and theatrical structures in order to help it reach the next level which could include a workshop or an initial production. Some plays have gone on to be fully realized in mainstage and festival productions.

The initial development process of the Series consists of readings and presentations. These are done in coordination with production companies and exhibition spaces in the hopes of introducing the work to a greater audience that could help it achieve full realization.

This program only enhances DecadesOut’s current season, which includes numerous events highlighting the interactions between scientists and artists, including those with an educational focus in coordination with NY local schools.

DecadesOut looks forward to a rich partnership with the Dramatists Guild.



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