Metropolis Filmmakers is pleased to be offering its 3rd intensive week-long workshop!

Metropolis Filmmakers: Film for Young People is a program dedicated to introducing youth to the science and techniques of film production.

Metropolis Filmmakers will be offering intensive week-long workshops to teach 16mm black and white analog filmmaking to a class of eight (8) young people, ages 8-12.

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    Age: children, ages 8-12

    Class size: 6-8

    Dates: Monday, August 17 - Friday, August 21

    Time: 9AM-3PM


    Class work and morning check-in will take place at the DecadesOut Studio at 98 9th Street in Gowanus, Brooklyn. Field work will take place in the surrounding neighborhood around Park Slope, Gowanus, Carroll Gardens, etc. Through our collaboration with the Trust for Public Land, we will also have the opportunity to work with other students working to rebuild local playgrounds.


    Cost: $375


    The theme of the workshop will be the exploration of local Brooklyn neighborhoods (namely, Park/South Slope, Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, Brooklyn Heights, Gowanus, and Red Hook). The DecadesOut Studio will serve as our HQ, but there will be brief periods where we venture out with the kids. These times and locales will be outlined at the beginning at the workshop period, with approval from parents/guardians.

    Participants will be encouraged to explore their local neighborhoods visually — with an eye toward becoming aware of the beauty and challenges facing our urban landscape.

    Workshop Structure
    The objectives of the workshop include: empowering youth to master unique visual tools and creatively represent their surroundings, personal stories, and observations; encouraging youth to become informed about the issues affecting their local environment and to engage those issues in an active and positive way; teaching participants the properties of optics and the functioning of lenses; instructing each particpant on how to use HD digital film cameras with guidance from the instructor and a staff member; allowing particpants to see their completed work; and allowing participants to share their work through an entertaining and informative portal. Workshop activities include: hands-on studio lessons in camera theory and techniques; in-the-field photography around select neighborhood areas with full supervision and instruction; studio viewing of filmed materials, hand-drawn animation experiments, and interactive collaboration; and introduction to next steps of filmmaking, including editing, sound design, and special effects. Students will also learn about the history of film, make handmade films, learn how to apply their new knowledge to making their own movies. At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will have a public presentation of their work for family and friends, and receive a DVD or flash drive with the classes work.
    Schedule & Cost
    The Metropolis Filmmakers Summer Camp 2015 for Young People will be held from August 17-21, 2015. The cost of the workshop is $375 for the five day camp. This includes all necessary materials and supplies which will be provided by the workshop. All your children need to do is show up with their lunch/snack and enjoy themselves. Each day's activities will last for six (6) hours from 9:30am to 3:30pm. There will also be a family screening of the children's films after the workshop ends.
    Workshop Cancellation Policy
    Out of courtesy for interested parties, there is a cancellation fee of $150. Unfortunately there will be no make-up dates available if a participant misses a class session. Metropolis Filmmakers will work to help participant catch up with missed session information.
    Program Coordinators
    DecadesOut Frank Kuzler is the Executive Director and a Producer at DecadesOut. For over ten years, he has been writing, directing and producing independent films and video. Most recently, Frank has been producing non-fiction films and is in production on two feature length documentaries, FringeNYC the Film and Burning to Communicate. Some producing credits include the feature film Rain which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and had its broadcast premiere on Showtime in February 2010; After the Apocalypse; New Land, New Life; as well as a handful of shorts and commercials.
    The Metropolis Filmmakers program is expected to cause a spark in our communities’ families and open doors to creative pursuits for children entering high school in the near future. This is just the kind of program that can help create and foster a hobby, a career choice, and above all, a form of expression for an age group that is finding its own voice. Children in this age-range will benefit greatly from an opportunity to develop a mode of creative expression, work with their peers, get invaluable attention from a professional instructor, and develop a constructive way to engage and become responsible for their environment.
    How To Apply
    Once your application is received and reviewed (approximately 1-2 days), a DecadesOut staff member will contact you as a followup. Thank you for your interest in Metropolis Filmmakers. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call DecadesOUt at (347) 705-0570, or drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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